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Progress of the Homepages

UPDATE April 18. 2021

Project "A Tutorial for Installing Linux Dosbox on a 32-bit computer" has been added.

UPDATE April 6. 2014

Projects page has been cleared and unfinished projects have been removed. Short descriptions added to each project.

UPDATE July 26. 2010

Project "Factorizing with Visual Analysis" has been added.

UPDATE November 17. 2009

Website translated into finnish.

UPDATE December 8. 2008

A new project called "A Tutorial for Creating a Three Dimensional Face Mesh" has been added to the projects page. Also plug-in files for Wings3D sculpties are added to the links.

UPDATE August 2. 2007

A gallery page has been added and some modifications made to the text.

My intention is to add new articles every now and then, but my subjects are usually progressing quite slowly. I started to make my first versions of higher dimensional forms somewhere soon after the year of 2000. After that has happened much, and now I feel myself more mature of expressing my thoughts about the subject. My native language is not english, so I hope you will not mind too much about any possible clerical errors in the text.