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This 3D application allows you to create various things, such as ray tracing, animation, games and much more. It is totally free and has an open source.


Have you ever thought about rummaging your ancient MS-DOS diskette box and start using its content again? Maybe not, but with this emulator you can run your old DOS utilities and games. Most DOS programs that I have tried with it are compatible, and there is an excellent emulation for sound blaster and gravis ultrasound. It is a freeware program, so it's at least worth trying.


If you need Matlab or a similar program, but cannot afford to buy one, you should download this free scientific mathematics application. There are available almost any kind of mathematical commands you might be needing. I have used this program for finding integer coefficient pairs of numbers by using visual analyze. It is one of my unpublished projects.


Wings3D is a freeware subdivision modeler, which means that you are able to make shapes of your objects, but it has not been made for rendering or texturing. It has a very simple user interface. Everything can be made just by using mouse. If you are not a blender fanatic, learned to work with hotkeys mostly, I would recommend to try this program.

Wings3d plug-in for SL Sculpted prims.


ZipGenius is a freeware archive tool that extracts and packages most formats. When you download ZipGenius suite, there comes a file transfer program called FTP Genius XP with it. I have found it to be very useful program also.

Project related

Random Walk Generator

This browser application creates one- or two-dimensional random movement. It is possible to test how length of a step affects to dispersion in two-dimensional random movement.

Quantum Atomica

Quantum Atomica is a program that visualizes electron orbitals.

Sound drivers for Amilo Li 1703!

Sound drivers for Amilo Li 1703.