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My projects

I decided to change my projects page a bit. First of all, the table is gone, since it was very confusing. Secondary, each project now has a short description.

A Tutorial for Installing Linux Dosbox on a 32-bit computer

This project is about installing Linux and Dosbox emulator to 32-bit PC computers.

Circles in perspective

This project is about "Aid-lines" that helps to draw with freehand more easily.

A Tutorial for Creating Three Dimensional Face Mesh

A short example about methods of making three dimensional objects.

Evolution of a Cube to Hyperspace

Mathematical nature of dimensions has been examined in this project, especially about Pascal's triangle and evolution from a point in to a real tesseract. Random movement and diffusion has been examined later on.

Factorizing with Visual Analysis

Todays decryption is about finding factors of huge numbers. The idea of this project is about finding a visual method that could predict possible factors.