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Here you can find some images and pictures, some of which are related to my unpublished projects. Those will be placed to their related projects when published.


This floor ball stick has been influenced by "Miami Vice" theme when choosing a color palette.

A close-up from the blade of "Whisperer".

A concept image of a fold-up sunglasses.

Close-ups from the sunglasses' functionalities.

Game related

Some background art from an adventure game that is under developement.

A clay monster that originally supposed to act as a model for a 3d creature.

A three-dimensional blueprint of a mansion from the game: Laura Bow 1, Colonel's Bequest


A gif animation that I made for a summer course.

A short, looping flash animation that I call "A maniac". I made this for the same course. Actually I returned it to the teacher a week too late. I was a bit bored about finishing it, so it may have affected to the theme.
Flash animation opens in a new window. ActiveX restrictions may deny opening the animation, and pop-up killers may deny opening a new window.

Project related

A low-detail mesh from my face.

A high-detail mesh from another person.

A claymodel with polygons painted on it.

A painting made with GIMP